Molly Gimmel


I wish I had the wise words and innovative techniques

I wish I had the wise words and innovative techniques from Master Your Mindset to guide me as I advanced into my early leadership roles—it would have made a world of difference. Although we all need to learn some lessons on our own, it’s invaluable to have tools to help us navigate!

Monica Levinson

Molly’s insights never fail to amaze me

Molly’s insights never fail to amaze me, even after a decade of watching her business grow rapidly. Molly is a world-class leader with decades of relevant experience concisely summarized into a useful, actionable format that can transform your business and give you the necessary tools to evaluate your leadership style. Read this book carefully!

Lisa Rosenthal

Anyone who has any sense

Anyone who has any sense for societal trends can see that in the coming years and decades more and more women will occupy leadership seats in every type of organization and in every part of the world. As an extremely capable and effective leader herself, Molly has created a practical playbook for those future women leaders to follow in their personal leadership development journeys. Any woman (or man for that matter) who wants to sharpen her clarity about what it means to become a great leader and who wants ideas about how to develop herself as a leader, should read and regularly review Master Your Mindset.

Brett Gilliland

Master Your Mindset is a practical and poignant approach

Master Your Mindset is a practical and poignant approach to navigating the nuances of leadership from the unique perspective that women as leaders bring to the table. What Master Your Mindset reveals to readers is that as the leadership roles of women evolve, the perspectives of women also evolve, and in so doing, create an opportunity for women leaders to expand their influence and impact in immeasurable ways. One of the most significant takeaways conveyed to readers is that the construct of leadership is not any one thing, nor is it any one persona. Through the compilation of contributing perspectives within Master Your Mindset, Molly amplifies an empowering truth: that leadership, especially for women, is a unique tapestry of experiences and insights, and because of this, all women are inherently poised for leadership.

Olalah Njenga

There are other books about

There are other books about women in leadership but Molly makes it much more real and accessible through the personal stories from so many amazing women leaders.

Melanie Thomas Armstrong

A must read for every leader

A must read for every leader, not just women leaders, who dares to break their own boundaries, reimagine greatness, redefine success and build a lasting legacy.

Mali Phonpadith
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