Molly Gimmel

Dr. El Brown is the Founder of KinderJam and author of Mama Bear: One Mom’s Story of Optimism, Autism, Advocacy, and Love and Adventures of SuperDuperKid: Friendship Numbers. She is also a faculty member at American University in Washington DC. Early in her career, Dr. El served as an Elementary and Early Childhood educator in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Upon her return to the US, Dr. El founded KinderJam, an Early Childhood Education care, enrichment, and training agency that has served young children and their families globally. Dr. El believes that families and service providers deserve exposure to high-quality skills and strategies needed to assist them in helping children maximize their potential. Therefore, her body of work represents her desire to help increase the capacity of families and help-giving professionals. Above all, she is the proud mother of a fifteen-year-old son on the autism spectrum, affectionately known as SuperDuperYoungMan (SDYM).

Dr. El Brown